Wednesday, March 11, 2009

forever palestine!!

salam akoium , I watched youtube other day... that song about 'forever palestine' by sami yusuf, it was good naseeds... I love it .. there is subtitles on it , you read it ... May Allah guide them right path ameen..


Sami Yusuf - Forever Palestine - KlipMekanı.Com
Uploaded by videonay

you will like it ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it is islamic fashion style

salam akoium
last year, I bought two abayas, it was before $120 but it's $75 for 2 abayas!! wow!!
it has three piece of abayas , it 's very nice ones.. I wore it for few times.. I have causal jilbab (eg denim or linen) sometimes. I like islamic fashion also hijabi style...

I have overhead abaya (isdal) and other clothes .
I'd always make look good .. I love it .
I buy some shawlar kameez from pakistan or indian..