Monday, November 30, 2009

it is new kitten, her name is Rosie

salam akoium !!

last week, my parents and I went shopping then I looked these cute kitten at pet shop. I chose this beautiful kitten.. they gave me for Eid, I felt so happy bec I got new kitten.. I bought those cat toys for Rosie, I am so spoilt for Rosie!! lol

that time Eid la huda, I meet up with my friends for Eid prayer then we had nice breakfast hmm.. I got home and Rosie excited to see me, she want to play with me all the time.. she played with cat toys, I hope she will never get bored.. inshallah..

do you think is she cute??

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My story about convert to Islam in 1997

My name is sharon , Since I was born deaf , I was Christian for 15 years I grew up with good family as Salvation Army ... that I was 13 , I went to high school, I see Muslim girl who wore the head scarf and my deaf friend said to me " it is too hot!! why they wear like that!!" I said to my friend "shut up!! it their culture!!" because I grew up where I lived next door Muslim neighborhood , I remember those days , I had seen so many ladies who wear hijab, I wonder how they worn... I was embraced Islam for 8 years. I was studying the other reglions,I tried to do it but didn't worked, I can't think of Islam some friends laughed at me, because I was looking for Islam and I trying to become Muslim,

they think I 'm crazy but I'm not. I went to mosque at Lakemba
I had My shahadah then become muslim, this issue , when I was new muslim , I was scared to wear hijab it might be spat on me

I wore hijab and jilbab , that time I worn that hijab make me "protection" my parents suprised me I was become muslim, they accpet me. my friends was shocked I was muslim. they look at my clothes I wore. I learnt wudu and salaat,

Now , one year, those deaf Christian trying push me because they think Allah was moon-god or another god, I told them "no god but allah,muhammad(pubh)the messenger from god." but they disbelieve me, I thank Allah protection me.

another day, some deaf people ask me so many question about hijab , they say like: what colour your hair ? or do you wear black or what?? or why you cover up?? but I wonder that they give me big question I explained to them . deaf people don't understand about Islam as much...

when they asked these question about hijab but I was
thinking "what 's wrong with my head??? or why they
ask me so big question?? but too many question for me
I felt happy to explain about Islam . alhamdulillah, my iman growth like flower and I had learnt about hijab , Allah guide
me to right path ameen!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some people who left islam.. :( subhallah...

salam akoium..
today when I read the blog, I m shocked about kimi (known as kimdonesia). she was amazing muslimah, it's very inspiring to me from her and I had enjoyed her youtube as well.. I chatted to her a few times at stickam. now she left islam.. she did deleted facebook and blog, youtube, muxlim,twitter, etc.. I think she had hard times about her dog died.. I saw her other youtube , she had new channel and it make me sad to see her.. she is hijabless. :'( I hope that she will go back to islam or not .. inshallah keep dua for her ...

I am strong muslimah for 12 years longtime alhamdulillah, I'd never thought about left islam but my iman is strong as well.. I have expirenced with those ex converts to islam because they jumped too far strict muslim to deivant muslim to none!, they turning into quran only (rejected hadiths)then left islam. I had to stay away from them that is my reason.. they saying that hijab is not fard?? etc..... like that..

I feel sorry for people left islam. subhallah.. May Allah guide them to straight path ameen ...

one time, I met one girl who are deaf newly convert muslimah then she had bf and she doing wrong thing.. she worn hijab on and off at times then she get drunk at party and everything, she left islam as well.. I ve seen that sad thing.. it is very hard to right path..

I've learnt the lesson that I am staying on straight path , do not stray path.. alhamdulillah.. never know until judgement day... fear allah...

those issues with who left islam is big impact to us... but quran say do not stray on the path and who have left religion will doom.. something ??
I wonder that some deviant muslim to made twist to people in net or chat or what?? be careful they trying to make what you believe or not..

I'd rather to see there is real beauty of islam and peaceful..
do you think that happen to them ?? why... I wonder..