Monday, April 4, 2011

salams!!! I am back again :P

I was so busy with college and  visit my dad at hospital,  he had bowel cancer and liver cancer as well.. he had been operated to remove it, he got home and rest . 3 months later. he had to chemo some weeks , alhamdulillah .. he is fine and happy..  I ve heard some earthquakes and things in NZ, Japan..  subhallah..

my cat, Rosie .. she is big cat now ..  she ran around and jump get higher , she is soo crazy.. like that.

few days ago,  I bought two maxi skirts from crossroads and  I searched multi colour skirt , it was gone :(   I tried to wear them but it is very comfortable.. I liked it.. 

I will write it someday .. inshallah..

Monday, February 7, 2011

I m back !! sorry to delay!! I need to travel with tardis!! LOL

I am back to my blog!! I had delay this month but  floods, cyclones in Queensland .. it is very bad.. I had made upload at youtube about queensland relief for donate and people needs it,

 6 days of  heatwaves , I couldn't sleep so well , I put on the fan  near my bed but it is not easy for me.. :P
I will be  back to college TAFE  this week.. so  If I have time  to write was long holidays for me.