Monday, October 19, 2009

summer time is near!! what do you wear in summer??

last thursday night, I had meet up with my friend for dinner but I went to K-mart there is maxi dresses and rayon tunics for summer..

today I went to shopping for latest summer clothes from islamic store at lakemba as well, I bought long tunic for summer time, it's printed cotton long tunic top.. some colours are nice but some other top looks not nice which too bright colour.. I alway use pastel or netural colour on clothes..

sometimes I use to wear linen or cotton jilbab and abaya for summer..

other day I saw some maxi for summer , it must be popular... some clothes are back to 80's retro! I've seen it !! remind me I was in 1980s! :P lol...

it make very cool clothes for summer , I hope that it's not get too hot ... ok??