Monday, November 30, 2009

it is new kitten, her name is Rosie

salam akoium !!

last week, my parents and I went shopping then I looked these cute kitten at pet shop. I chose this beautiful kitten.. they gave me for Eid, I felt so happy bec I got new kitten.. I bought those cat toys for Rosie, I am so spoilt for Rosie!! lol

that time Eid la huda, I meet up with my friends for Eid prayer then we had nice breakfast hmm.. I got home and Rosie excited to see me, she want to play with me all the time.. she played with cat toys, I hope she will never get bored.. inshallah..

do you think is she cute??

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My story about convert to Islam in 1997

My name is sharon , Since I was born deaf , I was Christian for 15 years I grew up with good family as Salvation Army ... that I was 13 , I went to high school, I see Muslim girl who wore the head scarf and my deaf friend said to me " it is too hot!! why they wear like that!!" I said to my friend "shut up!! it their culture!!" because I grew up where I lived next door Muslim neighborhood , I remember those days , I had seen so many ladies who wear hijab, I wonder how they worn... I was embraced Islam for 8 years. I was studying the other reglions,I tried to do it but didn't worked, I can't think of Islam some friends laughed at me, because I was looking for Islam and I trying to become Muslim,

they think I 'm crazy but I'm not. I went to mosque at Lakemba
I had My shahadah then become muslim, this issue , when I was new muslim , I was scared to wear hijab it might be spat on me

I wore hijab and jilbab , that time I worn that hijab make me "protection" my parents suprised me I was become muslim, they accpet me. my friends was shocked I was muslim. they look at my clothes I wore. I learnt wudu and salaat,

Now , one year, those deaf Christian trying push me because they think Allah was moon-god or another god, I told them "no god but allah,muhammad(pubh)the messenger from god." but they disbelieve me, I thank Allah protection me.

another day, some deaf people ask me so many question about hijab , they say like: what colour your hair ? or do you wear black or what?? or why you cover up?? but I wonder that they give me big question I explained to them . deaf people don't understand about Islam as much...

when they asked these question about hijab but I was
thinking "what 's wrong with my head??? or why they
ask me so big question?? but too many question for me
I felt happy to explain about Islam . alhamdulillah, my iman growth like flower and I had learnt about hijab , Allah guide
me to right path ameen!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some people who left islam.. :( subhallah...

salam akoium..
today when I read the blog, I m shocked about kimi (known as kimdonesia). she was amazing muslimah, it's very inspiring to me from her and I had enjoyed her youtube as well.. I chatted to her a few times at stickam. now she left islam.. she did deleted facebook and blog, youtube, muxlim,twitter, etc.. I think she had hard times about her dog died.. I saw her other youtube , she had new channel and it make me sad to see her.. she is hijabless. :'( I hope that she will go back to islam or not .. inshallah keep dua for her ...

I am strong muslimah for 12 years longtime alhamdulillah, I'd never thought about left islam but my iman is strong as well.. I have expirenced with those ex converts to islam because they jumped too far strict muslim to deivant muslim to none!, they turning into quran only (rejected hadiths)then left islam. I had to stay away from them that is my reason.. they saying that hijab is not fard?? etc..... like that..

I feel sorry for people left islam. subhallah.. May Allah guide them to straight path ameen ...

one time, I met one girl who are deaf newly convert muslimah then she had bf and she doing wrong thing.. she worn hijab on and off at times then she get drunk at party and everything, she left islam as well.. I ve seen that sad thing.. it is very hard to right path..

I've learnt the lesson that I am staying on straight path , do not stray path.. alhamdulillah.. never know until judgement day... fear allah...

those issues with who left islam is big impact to us... but quran say do not stray on the path and who have left religion will doom.. something ??
I wonder that some deviant muslim to made twist to people in net or chat or what?? be careful they trying to make what you believe or not..

I'd rather to see there is real beauty of islam and peaceful..
do you think that happen to them ?? why... I wonder..

Monday, October 19, 2009

summer time is near!! what do you wear in summer??

last thursday night, I had meet up with my friend for dinner but I went to K-mart there is maxi dresses and rayon tunics for summer..

today I went to shopping for latest summer clothes from islamic store at lakemba as well, I bought long tunic for summer time, it's printed cotton long tunic top.. some colours are nice but some other top looks not nice which too bright colour.. I alway use pastel or netural colour on clothes..

sometimes I use to wear linen or cotton jilbab and abaya for summer..

other day I saw some maxi for summer , it must be popular... some clothes are back to 80's retro! I've seen it !! remind me I was in 1980s! :P lol...

it make very cool clothes for summer , I hope that it's not get too hot ... ok??

Thursday, September 24, 2009

ohh ohh it's dustralia !! :P

In the morning, I woke up and have shower then I dressed up for TAFE college.. I went to outside and I looked up the sky, it was soo orange sky!! I felt like in doomsday!! I ve seen those cars on red dust everywhere.. I arrived the class and I told to teacher that was red dust, she says my white pant turned orange but she changed the clothes.. I laughed.. my friend intepter told me that was 70 years for duststorm.

my friend visit my place and say "what's that , it's red sky , I've never seen before!" I told my friend about duststorm..
until 2pm it was back to normal , alhamdulillah ...

I had cleaned it up the dust off...
it's welcome to Dustralia!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid mubarak to you !!!

it was soo beautiful morning... mashallah!! my friend and I went to lakemba masjid for Eid prayer.. after that we were eating some food and sweets.. we are so happy that day.. what a beautiful feeling that day ... I got home and take a nap but my parent come my place for lunch then my mum bought some lunch... it is very nice..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 day of ramadan!! mashallah!!! :D

this is 10 days of ramadan.. it was great and peace, I went to mosque and have a nice iftar then I got home and rest for tea time. I explained to my friend about islam and ramadan, it make them to understand about ramadan and islam , alhamdulillah they understand me as well :) because they want to know about them. May allah guide them to right path.

few days ago.. I got sick because I ate pizza and drinks,etc.. but I got food poisoning :( I got rest in lounge.. my stomach was no good as well until I got better very much.. I started to fasting.. alhamdulillah..

sometimes I've cooked for iftar and suhoor my self, I made nice thai food or other things.. my parents come over my place and give me some food for iftar, they stayed for while but they went home, I made some supper..

this thursday, I will pay off the layby for eid clothes then I take it.. I talked to my friend about iftar at halal resturant then go to masjid for isha and taraweeh.

I have one abaya with hijab for eid la fitr... have a look..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

it's great night !

last night, my friends and I went to lakemba at resturant for iftar, it was fun and talk. we walked down to lebanese sweet yummm!! my friend went home and I got home then rest!!

last friday I went to lakemba again.. I bought more dates and sweets,I had to look for nice abayas and jilbab at islamic store, I found nice abaya had less flashy and blingy less.. it's nice ones I chose for eid... it matched hijab with abaya. it's looking good for Eid. :)

I had to browse for events in sydney for eid la fitr.. I m looking forward for eid festvial, I would love it..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

it is sunny days :)

it's springtime so early!! subhallah!! sometimes warm and cool weather..
last tuesday I had to meet up my friend at city then I got home and rest. I looked up for Eid abaya at online but it's sooo hard to find right one :p

other day before, I went to lakemba for shopping but I looked for nice jilbab or abaya but it was pricey. :P I will looking for cheaper abaya for eid inshallah...

some abayas are so flashy and blingy! I will going to blind! I need sunglasses! I've searching simple abaya or jilbab as well... it si very hard to find right one.

I had cooked some asian food for iftar as well it was burning food :P I had hardly to eat it .. :( oh my dearie...

do you think that it would be better this time??

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this ramadan is great... :)

few days ago, I went to masjid for iftar and taraweeh at night , I feel so good mashallah, I worn jilbab and flower print hijab as well... I talked to lovely bosinan sisters and some asian. I've known them for years.. after that I went to upstair for taraweeh isha and taraweeh prayer. I prayed there it was good and peaceful night, alhamdulillah... I got home and I have nice supper then I checked on computer.. :p

I got up at 4am then I cooked for suhoor for short time, I chopped the watermelon and rockmelons. I ate it , I had stopped 5 mins before fjar time. I had a wudu then pray and I read quran for 10 pages after every prayer, alhamdulillah...

sometimes I cooked some asian food for iftar or I meet up some friends for resturants.. inshallah..

I wear jilbab (casual) with printed hijab or abayah, this month I will wear jilbab fulltime inshallah ... it will take time..

it is sooo peaceful ramadan !! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

hijabi fashion and prepare for Ramadan!!

Today I meet up with my parents for lunch then I went food store , I bought some food for ramadan.. I saw jeanwest store and there is "boyfriend" jeans, I tried to wear wide was fitted for me, it looks so modest as well.. I have two shirtdress.

my mum and I had shopping but I saw some hijab girls wear soo tight top and leggings with see through hijab! I could see it! it was not proper hijabi as well, I've seen worst ones , May Allah guide them..

this saturday, I will go to masjid for iftar and taraweeh, I will wear abaya this time..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you ready for Ramadan?

I can't wait for ramadan , I'm exciting to look forward for ramadan and I could felt closer that month.. I will make dua for first day of ramadan.. I looked at RAC I check out for iftar and taraweeh at masjid. inshallah.. :) any thoughts??

I had to write on paper for shopping list for ramadan this time.. I make sure it will be OK... inshallah!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

it is still cold !! :P !! I m looking forward for spring!! :D

salam akoium ,

I felt okay this time , I bought some long tunic and jilbab for spring but my favourite colour is light purple .. I liked denim too... have a look ..

do you think ???

Monday, June 29, 2009

good bye for king of pop

When I had a tea time at afternoon , my friend told me about Micheal jackson , he died in hospital, I said " oh what I dont believe it !! oh really??" I doubt about it .... I got home and check for news... going on .. I found out by TV news .. I shocked about him.
I remember these few popluar songs by MJ, I remember that music video called 'billie jean' and 'beat it' , 'thriller' , 'black or white' , 'scream' so on... I 've never forget...
today I heard from newpaper and tv about him , I cried abit but it happens...
I would say goodbye to king of pop..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

warmest clothes in winter

salam akoium ,

I had decide to buy winter clothes this month, I could look at it or online to buy inshallah.. I went to target at my local, I saw some netural colours or some nice colours wool jumper or sweatshirt or coat, etc.... I bought satin turkish hijab from store by FB, I ordered it.

I have black jumper match with new hijabs and I got shawls from tree of life which my friend gave me..

dont forget warmest underwear with your clothes and it will not feel cold at all.. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

it's near winter !! brrr!! :P

salam akouim ,
sometimes I wear jumper or wool clothes or warmer clothes but some hijabs are thick for winter and shawls. I ve seen winter jilbab or abaya at online. some trendy clothes are nice but which not hijabi as well , it make sure more modest... what about wool shawlar kameez for this season .. hmmmm it must be nice... :) some wool slipover or other winter clothes keep warm!!

do you think my idea???
let me know... :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OHHHH I took so long time to write blog!!

salam akouim ,
I ve busy with college and things up....ummmm... er.... :P I 've bought nice pair of jeans (not tight as well) and plaid tops :D it is great thing for autumn and I bought nice plain hijab match plaid tops.. if there is 3/4 sleeves plaid top under tight top or cotton long sleeve t-shirt, no problem.. or wear denim skirt with plaid tunic top. it was back in 80's..... I worn that plaid dress with frill, I remember that... :P that is my favourite plaid top :)

plaid fashion!1

I had browse some hijabi fashion and modest clothing at Net.. I wish I could buy some abayas and casual jilbab (everyday) I wanted to .. I will put wishlist heeeheheeee.....

jilbab and abaya , latest hijab

do you think?? I got some ideas for muslimah fashion in the seasons... I will create it soon inshallah...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

forever palestine!!

salam akoium , I watched youtube other day... that song about 'forever palestine' by sami yusuf, it was good naseeds... I love it .. there is subtitles on it , you read it ... May Allah guide them right path ameen..


Sami Yusuf - Forever Palestine - KlipMekanı.Com
Uploaded by videonay

you will like it ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it is islamic fashion style

salam akoium
last year, I bought two abayas, it was before $120 but it's $75 for 2 abayas!! wow!!
it has three piece of abayas , it 's very nice ones.. I wore it for few times.. I have causal jilbab (eg denim or linen) sometimes. I like islamic fashion also hijabi style...

I have overhead abaya (isdal) and other clothes .
I'd always make look good .. I love it .
I buy some shawlar kameez from pakistan or indian..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hijabi style

salam akoium !!
I created that blog for hijabi style and modest clothes. (you make sure it will not see though!! abit thick as well. some clothes are short which not modest.. you want find to longer ones it 's hard to find correct clothes.. if you prefer to wear sunnah style or abaya or jilbab

that Pair of Gauntlets it s extra for 3/4 sleeves top. you can find in islamic store or muslimah store in online , you can order it..

some style of tunic or indian tunic or modest tunic are better, you find a longer tunic ( length thigh are best modest) and (not bold and bright colour).. best wear for summer and spring ...

new egyptian hijab and igal hijab, I've worn igal hijab for few times , that igal hijab is new style.. it added with bonnet cap or underscarf with igal hijab, it will be comfortable.

palestine style hijabi: that latest hijab style , great for winter time..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

for gaza and palestine

In Jan 18 this year , I joined the rally for gaza and palestine.. thousand people went rally in sydney. I took those photos from rally.

my friend ask me to join the rally that day it was great .. that is 2nd demand for gaza... I support for gaza.... :( I made dua for gaza and palestine for peace...

Aussie hijabi girl

Welcome to my blog!!

I am Deaf muslimah as well, I am aussie as well!!! LOL .... I would like to welcome this blog. I will write about issues, hijabi issues, etc... I am newbie for this blog. I will catch up with this blog Inshallah...