Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hijabi style

salam akoium !!
I created that blog for hijabi style and modest clothes. (you make sure it will not see though!! abit thick as well. some clothes are short which not modest.. you want find to longer ones it 's hard to find correct clothes.. if you prefer to wear sunnah style or abaya or jilbab

that Pair of Gauntlets it s extra for 3/4 sleeves top. you can find in islamic store or muslimah store in online , you can order it..

some style of tunic or indian tunic or modest tunic are better, you find a longer tunic ( length thigh are best modest) and (not bold and bright colour).. best wear for summer and spring ...

new egyptian hijab and igal hijab, I've worn igal hijab for few times , that igal hijab is new style.. it added with bonnet cap or underscarf with igal hijab, it will be comfortable.

palestine style hijabi: that latest hijab style , great for winter time..

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