Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am back again :P , hijab issues.... :P



last month ,  I went to  Hijab House at bankstown,  I bought  4 hijab for $20.00  and  I looked some abayas , it 's not bad at all , I came home from bankstown then I arrived on station and on the way to home,  one Indian lady, she asked me , where that from ?? I said  "I just bought at bankstown today" . then she say" that hijab is not fard  ,  I am not wearing it ."   :S  what a suprise..  what that lady say that so..  weird..  maybe some people who are not pracisting muslim anyway or dont read quran about  hijab is fard..  I think so...

 4weeks ago,  my friend and I went to Eid Festvial at fairfield , I bought  nice turkish hijab and tie dye with sliver pinstripe.   we walked down to food , yummy.. then  we take nice ice cream..  we got home and look what's in..  it was great day MEFF  eid festvial.  mashallah ..

I sat down and  wonder  those people dont wear hijab , that issue??  maybe following western ways  or  not ? embarrmassing themselves ??  what next ?  :S

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Eid mubarak to you !!

Happy Eid Mubarak to you!   May Allah reward you all !! ameen..

last week ,My friend and I went to Eid Show at Bass Hill,  it was good time..  I had henna on my right hand and I bought nice hijab.  we had nice lunch , I ordered chicken kebab (yummy!) with coke. I saw that  little girl eating ice cream but  she share with little goat and sheep each other !! lol..   how funny.. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy reunion with old school friends


recently I havent seen some old school for 15 year or  20 years and  I met my old friends,  I hadnt seen my friends for 10 year and  20 years !! what a blast!!!  I m glad to see them as well. I chatted with them and  they say oh  I m happy to see you ,  you look good hijabi and nice clothes, "  I thanked them as well.  we went to resturant and I ordered the food but  half hour , it was bad service!! grrrrr.. I got headache because I waited and waited for our food  :P  but  we were enjoyed it anyway...   some friend saw me and they say " you are soo different  than before , I know your choice" I suprised about that ..

I wear black Denim shirtdress and black jeans also nice flat shoes too..  I feel so modestly as well.
I got home abit late ,  I had catch up with them  soon  inshallah ,  some people ask me about islam, I explained  to them to understand . they understood as well..  I copied and gave them for my photos. it was my old memories of old school!!  lol..  sometimes  good or bad  times  as well.. that is life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Ramadan Mubarak to you !!!!! :D

رمضان كريم Pictures, Images and Photos

May Allah accept your fasting and your D'ua , he will guide you to right path ameen

Friday, July 16, 2010

I wonder I could buy causal abaya but..... I cant find it :(

 bismallahir rahmanir raheem....

salam akoium

this winter getting colder as well, I went to muslim ladies store and I looked for casual abaya and jilbab but I need to plus size but  not there :(  I m still  looking for casual abaya or jilbab at online but too expsive.. it's hard to find right one but  I looked and looked for plus size modest clothes. few days ago I threw those kufar clothes away and put away in grab bag.  I put old hijabs and old prayer clothes for poor which  modest clothes to keep it..  I felt better and I m ready for wear abaya and jilbab any time or any day inshallah.

I bought a book called "you can be the happiest woman in the world : a treasure  chest  of reminders"  byDr. A'id al-qarni from  Dursalam bookstore.  it was great to read about  modestly, manner, behaviour, etc.... I love this book. it makes me to be happy my self.. mashallah..
 because I read and I realise that I should more modest abaya to please to Allah. I am so happy that book helps me.  my iman grew to be stronger, inshallah.

I heard that  niqab ban in australia but it was copied niqab ban in europe,  that Rev Fred Nile is islamphobia and muslim hater, he is from Christian party. he is narrowminded!  he wants to ban for niqab and I couldnt agree wth him,  I heard from TV "today tonight"  about niqab ban ... it is stupid.. he wants to ban but he will not successful  in parliment as well. the Greens or socialist try to against ban..  he had disobey the australia law, it is freedom to wear,  it's human rights.
I 'd love to support niqabis and hijabis to freedom to wear it, 

I wonder I should wear jilbab or abaya one day.. it might helps me more modest.. May Allah guide me right way..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

it 's soo freeze times , brrr!! but closer to ramadan..


Salam akouim

I am back to blog!!  are you looking  forward for ramadan next month inshallah..I am so exciting to look forward for ramadan :)  I was sleep in my minki blanket , it was 5 degrees in the morning ..
I got up for fjar time, I prayed then I get in bed. I had to put  two layers of clothes! at night, I put on heater for two hours. I had made soup or hot dinner and it makes warm. 

I had to contact with my friend sms each other, it begins for hoilday for 3 weeks.  my friend and I went to islamic book store and  we bought DVD called the virgin Mary (maryam)  it is an Arabic movie, it added with english subtitle, I am so happy to watch it. I will order some islamic movie with english subtitle , I need to... 
I thinking to plan to prepare for Ramadan and shopping list to do. I will looking ramadan recipe book.  I should avoid  to eat sweets or junk food in ramadan, are you looking forward for ramadan?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's still in winter...


last week I was so busy with college and it's closer to holidays and I bought leopard mink blanket and quilt for winter.. it is very warm blanket.. Rosie jumped and sleep on my bed everyday.. she liked my bed.. I took the photo of  my cute cat, where she sleep on it.

I worn black long shirtdress with long cardigan but it was pullover, it is very modestly also nice stain black and grey hijab. sometimes I wear jumper with jeans to keep warm. I ve seen new winter fashion clothes on the mall. some are modest or not .  anyway,  I check the clothes long ones enough.  sometimes I went to islamic ladies stores but too expensive to buy abaya or jilbab for winter,  I would wait for half price, I love to buy it... inshallah...

I had spending with my parents for lunch time or tea time.. sometimes I contacted my old school friends by sms and videocalling, I didnt see them for longtime as well :P   I m thinking to writing about something about deaf which not understand about deaf language and deaf culture as well, I will write about it inshallah.
it will look forward next blog soon. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to winter!! I wonder there is no comments for weeks !!

I went to college (TAFE) and I got home, I checked the comment from you .. I wonder there is no comments all the week.. I dont know why.. I dont understand that.. never mind... :(

because I didnt get your answer by comments, I dont realise that, it was empty comments.. :S

I took photos of Rosie by our digital camera. she liked being model herself.. lol

Monday, May 24, 2010

it's begin to winter time & IT stuff, winter fashion.


Last month, I ve been busier all the week :P I didnt sleep very well because it was muggy night, I hate that one but I am fine and well alhamdulillah, sometimes I had a hard times.. I bought wii and LCD tv, I was so happy with it then I had meet up with friends. Rosie loved to hearing toilet flushing everytime!! she watching on it. lol.. I bought wii mat with wii fit plus, I began to lost weight and I got lost 10kg! I had to exercise everyday...

I have new digital camera and external hard drive.(1TB) I had put those pics and photos, video for storage in external hard drive,(dont lose it!) it's easy..
I took photo of Rosie, she liked being model herself. lol... she likes it.

I bought latest winter clothes, dark grey long sleeves with long vest from target.
I have new jeans from jeanswest, it was half price! it was $66 (AUD)but $39.00!! that woman gives me discount!! I took new pair of jeans called embarcer curve.(boot cut) I'm looking for long winter shirt in somewhere, I had to browse for winter hijabs and casual abaya and jilbab. I would buy it, inshallah...

I will write next blog soon ...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I had watched the movie called "My Name is Khan"

few weeks ago, I watched the movie called "My Name is Khan" it was amazing movie. that story about autsic and disability, it sounds like "rain man" those scenes was happy and sad story also 9/11, racism..I cried that movie.. it was so inspired story!!! I love that movie!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

goodbye for summer... welcome to Autumn!

I was sooo busy these days.. :P :P I had to plan to buy LCD with full HD and wii with games inshallah.. someday.. I saw nice trench coat at myer or Big W or etc....
I think that trench with jeans or skirt look great this season, it added hijab.
it's very modestly.

my cat/kitten,Rosie.. she keeps their energy!! she loves play around!! she hates flashlight door alarm when she heard it then she ran away from it .. she sleep in my bed or on the windows, she love it...

I will write the blog someday...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what a wild weather!!! :P :P

salam akoium,

last weekend I stayed at my friend's place and we had great time but that weather makes muggy and humid , huge rain!! gale wind for few days.. I dont want to get wet on my clothes.. it was so crazy weather.. :P :P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

belated Happy Australia Day! and back to college....

Happy australia day..

salam akoium, I am fine and well alhamdulillah, I'm back to bloggers but I just back to college(tafe) this month. I will study some computer as well. so last month, I went to meet up with my friends in city and we had nice lunch for australia day , I dress up as aussie.. it was so hot weather about 40 degrees. subhallah.. those people celebrate for australia day but those people remember for our first fleet in port jackson ( named george river now )our history, our hertiage.. there is lot of multicultural and many stall out there..

that issue about changing the flag without union jack.. I wonder why.. let people decide to stay or change it. some people wanted to be republic or not?? up to them..

I got home at abit late because of australia day as well, it was long weekend ;) hee hee hee some people back to school.. my niece had first day of school.. she is five year old, she dressed up uniform for first day school. it is very cute..

our cat, Rosie.. she is growing up .. she still thinks she is a dog... lol... she still active!!

I bought new printer (all in one). my old printer had been jammed and it drives me crazy!! I will clean up for end of the summer.. inshallah..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

good bye 2009 Welcome 2010!!

There is 2009 gone now it is 2010 !!! :D I had to break this blog longer .. I will be back on australia day ... inshallah