Monday, August 30, 2010

happy reunion with old school friends


recently I havent seen some old school for 15 year or  20 years and  I met my old friends,  I hadnt seen my friends for 10 year and  20 years !! what a blast!!!  I m glad to see them as well. I chatted with them and  they say oh  I m happy to see you ,  you look good hijabi and nice clothes, "  I thanked them as well.  we went to resturant and I ordered the food but  half hour , it was bad service!! grrrrr.. I got headache because I waited and waited for our food  :P  but  we were enjoyed it anyway...   some friend saw me and they say " you are soo different  than before , I know your choice" I suprised about that ..

I wear black Denim shirtdress and black jeans also nice flat shoes too..  I feel so modestly as well.
I got home abit late ,  I had catch up with them  soon  inshallah ,  some people ask me about islam, I explained  to them to understand . they understood as well..  I copied and gave them for my photos. it was my old memories of old school!!  lol..  sometimes  good or bad  times  as well.. that is life.

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Ati said...

Assalamualaikum, sis!

I love reunion! Being able to see old friends again and chat with them and exchange news is something nice, isn't it? I am glad you had a wonderful moment. Alhamdulillah. Take care, sis. May Allah bless you always!