Thursday, August 27, 2009

this ramadan is great... :)

few days ago, I went to masjid for iftar and taraweeh at night , I feel so good mashallah, I worn jilbab and flower print hijab as well... I talked to lovely bosinan sisters and some asian. I've known them for years.. after that I went to upstair for taraweeh isha and taraweeh prayer. I prayed there it was good and peaceful night, alhamdulillah... I got home and I have nice supper then I checked on computer.. :p

I got up at 4am then I cooked for suhoor for short time, I chopped the watermelon and rockmelons. I ate it , I had stopped 5 mins before fjar time. I had a wudu then pray and I read quran for 10 pages after every prayer, alhamdulillah...

sometimes I cooked some asian food for iftar or I meet up some friends for resturants.. inshallah..

I wear jilbab (casual) with printed hijab or abayah, this month I will wear jilbab fulltime inshallah ... it will take time..

it is sooo peaceful ramadan !! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

hijabi fashion and prepare for Ramadan!!

Today I meet up with my parents for lunch then I went food store , I bought some food for ramadan.. I saw jeanwest store and there is "boyfriend" jeans, I tried to wear wide was fitted for me, it looks so modest as well.. I have two shirtdress.

my mum and I had shopping but I saw some hijab girls wear soo tight top and leggings with see through hijab! I could see it! it was not proper hijabi as well, I've seen worst ones , May Allah guide them..

this saturday, I will go to masjid for iftar and taraweeh, I will wear abaya this time..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you ready for Ramadan?

I can't wait for ramadan , I'm exciting to look forward for ramadan and I could felt closer that month.. I will make dua for first day of ramadan.. I looked at RAC I check out for iftar and taraweeh at masjid. inshallah.. :) any thoughts??

I had to write on paper for shopping list for ramadan this time.. I make sure it will be OK... inshallah!!