Thursday, August 20, 2009

hijabi fashion and prepare for Ramadan!!

Today I meet up with my parents for lunch then I went food store , I bought some food for ramadan.. I saw jeanwest store and there is "boyfriend" jeans, I tried to wear wide was fitted for me, it looks so modest as well.. I have two shirtdress.

my mum and I had shopping but I saw some hijab girls wear soo tight top and leggings with see through hijab! I could see it! it was not proper hijabi as well, I've seen worst ones , May Allah guide them..

this saturday, I will go to masjid for iftar and taraweeh, I will wear abaya this time..


Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, yeah, I definitely know what you mean about the semi hijabis. ughhh they're QUITE interesting. Oh well. May Allah SWT guide them.

Just discovered your blog and am loving it! Are you the only Muslim in your family? Please be sure and pop by, leave a note, and follow! I will return the favor.

Deaf_Aussie_muslimah said...

salam akouim , yes they were immodest hijabs, my family are not muslim as well.. ok