Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what a wild weather!!! :P :P

salam akoium,

last weekend I stayed at my friend's place and we had great time but that weather makes muggy and humid , huge rain!! gale wind for few days.. I dont want to get wet on my clothes.. it was so crazy weather.. :P :P


Nurul said...

Whoaaa...that tree sure got killed :). When I was in Scottish Highland a few years ago, the gale went on for 2 days and all of us got stucked in a small cabin :). My boss's son was so tall and slim, he got wooshed into the drain. Poor guy :) We actually laughed before we helped him out :)

Love_Allah said...

Masha'Allah, nice page. Remember me? You are a friend to me on YouTube, be one of my follwers, insha'Allah!

Kcaiyah D. said...

astaghfirullah sis. Good thing noone was hurt.