Tuesday, February 9, 2010

belated Happy Australia Day! and back to college....

Happy australia day..

salam akoium, I am fine and well alhamdulillah, I'm back to bloggers but I just back to college(tafe) this month. I will study some computer as well. so last month, I went to meet up with my friends in city and we had nice lunch for australia day , I dress up as aussie.. it was so hot weather about 40 degrees. subhallah.. those people celebrate for australia day but those people remember for our first fleet in port jackson ( named george river now )our history, our hertiage.. there is lot of multicultural and many stall out there..

that issue about changing the flag without union jack.. I wonder why.. let people decide to stay or change it. some people wanted to be republic or not?? up to them..

I got home at abit late because of australia day as well, it was long weekend ;) hee hee hee some people back to school.. my niece had first day of school.. she is five year old, she dressed up uniform for first day school. it is very cute..

our cat, Rosie.. she is growing up .. she still thinks she is a dog... lol... she still active!!

I bought new printer (all in one). my old printer had been jammed and it drives me crazy!! I will clean up for end of the summer.. inshallah..


Rubber said...

you are an inspiration
keep strong

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum
may allah bless and grant you jannah sister

DD said...

I had a great Australia Day at SouthBank, Queensland. There was so much diversity and it was beautiful to watch representatives of each major faith give out a peace message. Our imam recited the al-fatiha in arabic and then english.
I don't celebrate Australia's history or past because it is an absolute shameful and disgraceful one. But i do celebrate how great Australia is today. We are lucky here.