Thursday, July 8, 2010

it 's soo freeze times , brrr!! but closer to ramadan..


Salam akouim

I am back to blog!!  are you looking  forward for ramadan next month inshallah..I am so exciting to look forward for ramadan :)  I was sleep in my minki blanket , it was 5 degrees in the morning ..
I got up for fjar time, I prayed then I get in bed. I had to put  two layers of clothes! at night, I put on heater for two hours. I had made soup or hot dinner and it makes warm. 

I had to contact with my friend sms each other, it begins for hoilday for 3 weeks.  my friend and I went to islamic book store and  we bought DVD called the virgin Mary (maryam)  it is an Arabic movie, it added with english subtitle, I am so happy to watch it. I will order some islamic movie with english subtitle , I need to... 
I thinking to plan to prepare for Ramadan and shopping list to do. I will looking ramadan recipe book.  I should avoid  to eat sweets or junk food in ramadan, are you looking forward for ramadan?

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DD said...

woo hooooo, Ramadan! Surely every Muslim is looking forward to it, hehe. Oh yes it is freezing, even in Queensland!