Friday, July 16, 2010

I wonder I could buy causal abaya but..... I cant find it :(

 bismallahir rahmanir raheem....

salam akoium

this winter getting colder as well, I went to muslim ladies store and I looked for casual abaya and jilbab but I need to plus size but  not there :(  I m still  looking for casual abaya or jilbab at online but too expsive.. it's hard to find right one but  I looked and looked for plus size modest clothes. few days ago I threw those kufar clothes away and put away in grab bag.  I put old hijabs and old prayer clothes for poor which  modest clothes to keep it..  I felt better and I m ready for wear abaya and jilbab any time or any day inshallah.

I bought a book called "you can be the happiest woman in the world : a treasure  chest  of reminders"  byDr. A'id al-qarni from  Dursalam bookstore.  it was great to read about  modestly, manner, behaviour, etc.... I love this book. it makes me to be happy my self.. mashallah..
 because I read and I realise that I should more modest abaya to please to Allah. I am so happy that book helps me.  my iman grew to be stronger, inshallah.

I heard that  niqab ban in australia but it was copied niqab ban in europe,  that Rev Fred Nile is islamphobia and muslim hater, he is from Christian party. he is narrowminded!  he wants to ban for niqab and I couldnt agree wth him,  I heard from TV "today tonight"  about niqab ban ... it is stupid.. he wants to ban but he will not successful  in parliment as well. the Greens or socialist try to against ban..  he had disobey the australia law, it is freedom to wear,  it's human rights.
I 'd love to support niqabis and hijabis to freedom to wear it, 

I wonder I should wear jilbab or abaya one day.. it might helps me more modest.. May Allah guide me right way..


Nurul said...

Assalamu'alaikum sis =)

So nice to read a post from u =)
What size do u wear sis? Can give me the measurement in UK size? How tall are u?

Deaf_Aussie_muslimah said...

bust 50"
lenght 55

5feet 2 inches

DD said...

Don't worry, Fred Nile's retiring soon, inshaAllah. Soon we will see the back of him.
I quite like the Greens. I might vote for them next.

Anonymous said...

love ur blog mashallah! and that book!

good luck finding the abaya!!

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum sister,
nice blog and thoughts.

but i saw you were greeting with salam akoium..(AKOIUM?)



Ati said...

Assalamu alaikum sister,

Masya-Allah, your blog is great. You spirit towards Islam is also great. May Allah give you courage and all the strength needed to make a change towards becoming a better muslimah.

Wishing you a prosperous, fruitful and peaceful Ramadhan this year. Take care & smile always.

*Lots of hugs from me*