Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OHHHH I took so long time to write blog!!

salam akouim ,
I ve busy with college and things up....ummmm... er.... :P I 've bought nice pair of jeans (not tight as well) and plaid tops :D it is great thing for autumn and I bought nice plain hijab match plaid tops.. if there is 3/4 sleeves plaid top under tight top or cotton long sleeve t-shirt, no problem.. or wear denim skirt with plaid tunic top. it was back in 80's..... I worn that plaid dress with frill, I remember that... :P that is my favourite plaid top :)

plaid fashion!1

I had browse some hijabi fashion and modest clothing at Net.. I wish I could buy some abayas and casual jilbab (everyday) I wanted to .. I will put wishlist heeeheheeee.....

jilbab and abaya , latest hijab

do you think?? I got some ideas for muslimah fashion in the seasons... I will create it soon inshallah...

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