Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 day of ramadan!! mashallah!!! :D

this is 10 days of ramadan.. it was great and peace, I went to mosque and have a nice iftar then I got home and rest for tea time. I explained to my friend about islam and ramadan, it make them to understand about ramadan and islam , alhamdulillah they understand me as well :) because they want to know about them. May allah guide them to right path.

few days ago.. I got sick because I ate pizza and drinks,etc.. but I got food poisoning :( I got rest in lounge.. my stomach was no good as well until I got better very much.. I started to fasting.. alhamdulillah..

sometimes I've cooked for iftar and suhoor my self, I made nice thai food or other things.. my parents come over my place and give me some food for iftar, they stayed for while but they went home, I made some supper..

this thursday, I will pay off the layby for eid clothes then I take it.. I talked to my friend about iftar at halal resturant then go to masjid for isha and taraweeh.

I have one abaya with hijab for eid la fitr... have a look..

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nor said...

ramadhan coming to an end soon, so sad. :( let's make the best out of it while still last. :)