Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some people who left islam.. :( subhallah...

salam akoium..
today when I read the blog, I m shocked about kimi (known as kimdonesia). she was amazing muslimah, it's very inspiring to me from her and I had enjoyed her youtube as well.. I chatted to her a few times at stickam. now she left islam.. she did deleted facebook and blog, youtube, muxlim,twitter, etc.. I think she had hard times about her dog died.. I saw her other youtube , she had new channel and it make me sad to see her.. she is hijabless. :'( I hope that she will go back to islam or not .. inshallah keep dua for her ...

I am strong muslimah for 12 years longtime alhamdulillah, I'd never thought about left islam but my iman is strong as well.. I have expirenced with those ex converts to islam because they jumped too far strict muslim to deivant muslim to none!, they turning into quran only (rejected hadiths)then left islam. I had to stay away from them that is my reason.. they saying that hijab is not fard?? etc..... like that..

I feel sorry for people left islam. subhallah.. May Allah guide them to straight path ameen ...

one time, I met one girl who are deaf newly convert muslimah then she had bf and she doing wrong thing.. she worn hijab on and off at times then she get drunk at party and everything, she left islam as well.. I ve seen that sad thing.. it is very hard to right path..

I've learnt the lesson that I am staying on straight path , do not stray path.. alhamdulillah.. never know until judgement day... fear allah...

those issues with who left islam is big impact to us... but quran say do not stray on the path and who have left religion will doom.. something ??
I wonder that some deviant muslim to made twist to people in net or chat or what?? be careful they trying to make what you believe or not..

I'd rather to see there is real beauty of islam and peaceful..
do you think that happen to them ?? why... I wonder..


Anonymous said...

Saying I renounce Islam is saying I renounce my shahada.
The shahada is pretty simple.
If the death of her dog make her leave Islam, honestly, what was Islam to her?
Her mom commented on a video once that Kim goes through such phases and that she first thought Islam was one of them,but it was lasting a little longer..Her mom knows her well.

I feel sad, because ,no one should like or dislike Islam because of muslims,we don't judge a car by its driver.Islam is a perfect religion,muslim are just humans,far from perfection.

Be always cautious when someone writes a disclaimer on some of their blogs,saying I know this is haram,but I don't want your comments,I choose to do it anyway!!!

Islam teaches us to cover our sins,not o make them public hence acceptable.

These teenagers are just that,teenagers,why would anyone idolize them.
Allah is the one who you submit too.
It is sad that on her video she goes on saying that she even doubt the existence of God,and never really felt a closeness to Allah.
So why all the hypocrisy?
Just shaytan's tool.

NoR said...

tis is kinda shocking for me! i didnt know abt Kimdonesia leaving islam due to the one u mentioned here.

this is really sad.

may allah gives us HIS guidance. ameen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. I dont think anyone who ever has islam truely in their hearts will leave. Allahu Alim.
By the way I really like your blog :)

Rubber said...

u r so cute
i cant believe u r real.
prar for me...please..i totally strayed from the right is ruining my life.

Precious Muslimah said...

@ Rubber: I encourage you to busy yourself w/reading the Quran, and doing acts of ebadah (worship) ad don't foret to make tons of dua!! xxx

Say: "O 'Ibâdî (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allâh, verily Allâh forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful {Surah Zumar (39):53}

DD said...

That was pretty sad about our kimmoi. she was a cool muslimah. but it serves to remind reverts not to dive in to Islam too deep too quickly. take your time, don't let other Muslims push you into things you dont understand or even believe in. revert for the sake of God not for anyone else's sake

Anonymous said...

well, there is a hadith that mentioned that all of our hearts are in God hand and hearts changes to what God pleases, so keep praying that ur still in it i.e. islam, asking God to keep you aright guided, asking God to increase your knowledge and fear of Him, etc etc. keeping at bay. some of us, included me, went into stray cos we dont do what God taught us so we failed. and when upoon stray path after straight path, it is indeed hard to change it into back to straight path, only few, very few, whom God chosen, repented and returned in right way, otherwise many go in different ways. some went on to extremism, some neglience, some still doent understand the religion and thought they r doing all rights, some dont care, some lost hope, some fear for their reputation, etc, God know best. mine was lost hope and no fear. and also my reputation, etc, my family there were alot. but u dont worry, as long as you keep urself at bay, cos when people left islam, God will replace them with others, thats y u keep seeing new muslims nowaday cos they r replacing old "muslims" who dont care about the religion and this goes on until the Hour. quite sad i know but for God, it is very simple and He is free from all imperfection and need. and i wish u good luck with the mission to Jannah. amen.

Anonymous said...

you said, is there people who claimed 2 b muslim and is praying etc but has willing to twist things in islam for others. let me tel u something, get grab hold fast of the quran and the sunnah of the messenger like what the messenger commanded you and all of mankind to. so therefore, study the rulings, the princples, beliefs, methology, worship etc etc of the quran and the sunnah and be straightline in following them and trust in God. if u see people doing opposite thing of that what u learnt from the book or the sunnah then know its misguidane, simple way of remember it is, WHATEVER IS OPPOSITE THE QURAN AND THE SUNNAH IS BIDAH (INNOVATION IN THE RELIGION WHICH IS BAD, WHETHER GOOD/BAD INTENTIONALLY) THEREFORE DONT DO ANYTHING BIDAH EVEN IF MANY PEOPLE DO IT BUT DO WHAT YOU KNOW FROM THE QURAN AND THE SUNNAH. but if you doubt cos u yet have obtain the knowledge of the certain situation, then its upon you to turn back to quran to find the answer, or ask trustworthy scholars, or student of knowledge of islam, they can be at most be found in saudi arabia. do what you know, dont do anything wot u dont know about for you are likely to fall into bidah cateogory if you making up any "religion" worship without evidence from the quran and sunnah. God made it easy for you, so dont be hard on urself, take time, learn, act, learn act, bit by bit. peace :)